Extreme Comfort Mask

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Extreme Comfort Mask

Product Description

Embrace. Soften. Hydrate

Visible Touchable Results

• Skin becomes de-sensitized, destressed, soft and supple.
• Skin is moisturized with visible comfort.

Sometimes All The Skin Requires Is A Comforting Embrace

The skin is the largest organ, protecting us and facing the harsh elements every day. The Comfort Mask provides a loving embrace to soothe and revitalize. This mask is power-packed with Collagen, Laminaria Extracts, Vitamin E and Oligogeline ®, to restore,
revitalize, protect and reinforce.

When your skin become tired and fine lines start to form due to dehydration, sensitivity, dryness or when the skin has aged and become sensitized due to the harsh environment or stress, this is the mask your skin requires.


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