About us



At Luminess, we are dedicated to provide the best service at all times. Enter the comfortable and plush setting of our salon, and feel your stress melt under the hands of professionally certified and highly experienced therapists. Our effective, systematic approach to your skin and body concerns ensures that your beauty objectives are met with efficacious treatments and high quality botanical products specifically customised to your needs. We are committed to ethical business practices with clear pricing structure and policies. Begin your beauty journey with Luminess today!


icon Professionally certified, well trained and highly experienced therapists

  • Certification from recognised institutions with minimum 5 years’ experience
  • Minimum 120 hours of training on skin diagnosis, treatment approach and protocols as well as hands-on practice with Luminess executive trainer
icon Comfortable, plush and stress-free environment

  • Indulge your 5 senses in our aromatic, serene environment
icon Clear pricing structure and policies

  • No hidden costs
  • Clear validity pe
  • Clear validity period and extension policy
icon Ethical business practices

  • No hard selling tactics
  • Genuine discounts and promotions